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Gingerbread Mythic Poet Ornament (2022 Collection)

Gingerbread Mythic Poet Ornament (2022 Collection)

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In place that is neither known or unknown, this legendary son-of-a-muse works hard on his song to make spring return. Our Gingerbread Mythic Poet is adorned with acrylic "icing" over wood. And while he looks good enough to eat, this ornament's not edible! Each ornament is specially handmade in NYC by our Green Team.

Our 2022 Gingerbread Ornament Collection features our whimsical twist on Broadway’s past and present. This year’s collection features a band leader, a widowed socialite, a sorority lawyer, and a mythic poet.

Dimensions: 4" by 2.75"

Materials: Wood, acrylic, ribbon

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