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Gingerbread Pin-Striped Zombie Ornament (2023 Collection)

Gingerbread Pin-Striped Zombie Ornament (2023 Collection)

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Bring a little bit of sweetness from the other world to your tree this year with our Gingerbread Pin-Striped Zombie! 

This custom ornament creation is adorned with acrylic "icing" over wood. And while he looks good enough to eat, this ornament's not edible! Each ornament is specially handmade in NYC by our Green Team.

Our 2023 Gingerbread Ornament Collection features our whimsical twist on Broadway’s past and present. This year’s collection features a pin-striped zombie, a sad bovine, a consumptive starlet, Tour Guide Tim, and our mascot Belasco! 

Dimensions: 4" by 3"

Materials: Wood, acrylic, ribbon

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