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Minskoff Marquee Ornament (2023 Collection)

Minskoff Marquee Ornament (2023 Collection)

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As one of the "newer" Broadway theaters, opening in 1973, the Minskoff has a contemporary vibe with a sleek, modern design. And as the home to The Lion King for over a decade, it has welcome many families to Broadway over the years! 

Our Minskoff Marquee Ornament is made of a base of black wood, with a layer of colorful acrylic pieces. Each ornament is handmade in NYC by our Green Team and imbued with Broadway love and magic!

 When Green Team Owner Tim began Broadway Up Close in 2010 he utilized the beautiful theaters as the framework to tell our stories. He marveled at the singularity of each of the 41 Broadway marquees ever since, and so in 2020, he began a 10 year mission to recreate every one.

Each year we will be releasing four marquee ornaments - interpreting them both literally and figuratively for a keepsake that will bring these beautiful theaters to life even if you're not standing in Times Square! 

For our 2023 collection we are featuring five marquees: the Imperial, the James Earl Jones, the Lena Horne, the Majestic, and the Minskoff Theatres.

Dimensions: 5" wide by 1" tall 

Materials: Wood, acrylic, ribbon

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